Students participating in the scheme are inspired by its motto. Not me But you. The expression seeks to motivate students to place in interest of others above that of their Own it calls for selfless service to others. It stands for forgetting and serenading the Self and Rendering selfless service to others.

  • To understand the community in which they live
  • To understand themselves in relationship with their community.
  • To identify the needs and the problems of the community.
  • To develop sense of social and civil responsibility.
  • To apply their education in finding practical solution to individual and community problems.
  • To develop competence and required for group living and sharing responsibilities.
  • To gain skills in mobilizing community participation.
  • To acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude.
  • To develop capacity to meet emergencies, natural disasters.
  • To practice national integration.


YearPlaceGuide Paricipants
(Boys, Girls)
2002-03Devale Prof G.H. Alatekar, Prof. Sou.V.S. Deshmukh150 (100 + 50)
2003-04Charan Prof G.H. Alatekar, Prof. Sou.V.S. Deshmukh150 (90 + 60)
2004-05Charan Prof Sou.M.R. Patil, Prof. Shri D.G.Patil150 (90 + 60)
2005-06Charan Prof Sou.M.R. Patil, Prof. Shri D.G.Patil150 (90 + 60)
2006-07Khotwadi Prof. Shri D.G.Patil, Prof. Shri B.R. Gadave150 (85 + 65)
2007-08Gogave Prof. Shri B.R. Gadave, Prof. Shri A P.Desai150 (85 + 65)
2007-08Alas & Aurwad Prof. Shri A P.Desai84(84 + 0)
2008-09Pishavi Prof. Shri B.R. Gadave, Prof. Shri A P.Desai150 (80 + 70)
2008-09Pishavi Prof. Shri B.R. Gadave, Prof. Shri A P.Desai150 (80 + 70)
2009-10Patane Prof. Shri B.R. Gadave, Prof. Sou. S.A. Jagtap150 (79 + 71)

Workshop/camps / conference/ competitions attended by volunteers:
i) Camp District level Aids awareness Training camp- Gadhinglaj, 25 to 27/12/2003,
Participant –Sangita Patil , Prakash Naik

ii) Camp – Yuva Netratwa camp Atpadi 4 to 6/2/2006
Participant Appaso Pandurang Patil , Manisha Shivdas Lole

iii) Camp – Western Region NSS camp Ratnagiri – Gogate College 29/10 to 7/11/2006 ,
Participant Sachin Sahankar Patil , Goraksha Sakharam Phalake

iv) Camp – Personality Development camp Y.C. Warana College Warananagar 12/1 /2007 ,
Participant Prof D.G.Patil and Volunteers

v) Hind Swaraj Workshop Shivaji University Kolhapur 12 to 13/10/2006

vi) Workshop Save girl campain Shahaji College Kolhapur 16/10/2007
Participant Prof A.P.Desai , Ujwala Mahadeo Kadam , Jyoti Jaysing Kore

vii) Camp – National level integrity camp Jaypur (Rajasthan) 18 to 24/6/2008 ,
Participant Shri Avinash Appasaheb Desai

viii) Camp – Scientific awareness Training camp by Vivek Vahini Shivaji university Kolhapur ,
Participant Jyoti Jaysing Kore, Pallavi Viswas Patil Sangita Namdeo Gholap

ix) Workshop- स्त्री जन्माचे स्वागत करा. सजगता व कृती कार्यक्रम  N.S.S. Department Shivaji University Kolhapur 22/8/2008
Participant Prof A.p.Desai , Firoj Tajuddin Mulani, Avinash Appasaheb Desai

x) Poster Competition on Aids Arranged by N.S.S. Dept Shivaji University Kolhapur
participant Shri Sharad Satappa Bharmal

xi) Disaster Management Workshop arranged by Vijaysingh Yadav Arts & Science College Peth Vadgaon , 7/1/2009
Prof A.P.Desai Shri Sharad Satappa Bharmal, Sandip Dattatraya Patil, Arjun Sarjerao Devarde, Avinash Appasaheb Desai,Shrikant Pandurang Tadavalekar, Sanjay Ananda Patil.