Year of Establishment1992
No. of Unit1
Seats for unit52
Batalian5 Maharashtra Bn. NCC Kolhapur
Group of Head QuartersNCC Group Kolhapur
MottoUnity & Discipline
FlagRed Blue & Sky Blue
Name of the Troops commanderProf. Arage L.T.
Rank of the CommanderLieutenant

Camps attended by cadets last 5 years

          At least 250 cadets have attended various types camps. In these camps some camps are special. 2 cadets had joined NIC camp ‘MIO’ in Arunachal Pradesh in 2006-07 Whose names are Patil Jagannath Balkrishna & Ghatage Abhijit Abaso Cadet Jadhav Sushant Bhikaji Who had joined NIC camp Mysore camp in 2006-07. Cadet Dinde Prashant Ananda had joined TSC camp Khadakwsla Pune in 2006-07. Shivaji Trail Trek National Treking camp In this national level camp our 4 cadets have completed their sussessive training whose names are- 1.Bandgar Sunil Shankar, 2.Bhasme Rupesh Ramchandra, 3.Patil Bharat Bapu, 4.Maske Jitendra.
          At least 14 cadets had participated in Army Attachment camp held at Ahamadnagar. This camp is closely related with Indian Army. Achievement of Dept. Achievement of Dept is a lot of cadets have joined Army and Police Services in last 5 years.


Sr.Name of the cadetField
1Patil Baban BanduIndian Army
2Mohite Kuldeep BanduIndian Army
3Shinde Sandeep Pandurang Indian Army
4Nangare Sampat SadashivIndian Army
5Patil RameshIndian Army
6Patil ShivajiIndian Army
7Nebapure VijayIndian Army
8Khadake Digvijay JaysingIndian Army
9Sagavkar Mahesh ShivajiIndian Army
10 Nangare AnandaMaharashtra Police
11Ghatage Abhijit AbasoMaharashtra Police
12Gholap Yogesh DinkarSecurity Officer

Activities in 2010-11
  • On 15th Aug. 2010 and 26th Jan. 2011 - 52 NCC cadets saluted hounrable guests.
  • On 12th Jan. 2011 on the occasion of ‘Youth Day’ 75 persons including cadets, students and teachers donated blood.
  • On 11th Feb. 2011 – 24 cadets appeared for ‘ B ’ Certificate Exam.
  • On 19th and 20th Feb.2011- 28 cadets appeared for ‘ C’ Certificate Exam.
  • 60 cadets attended various camps in academic year 2010-11.