With the mission || कुणी न राहो दुर्वल अज्ञ | म्हणूनी हा शिक्षण यज्ञ || (education for the weak and educationally deptrived class) Mazi Amdar Shri Babasaheb Patil sarudkar Education society established on 16th Aug. 1980.

             Shahuwadi and Pahnala talukas are situated in the Sahyadri Mountain ranges with few acres of cultivating land having its inherent consequence. To educate and enlightened rural community was the need of time. For centuries, people of this region suffered due to poverty superstitions, illeteracy and inadequate transport facilities. To take them out of this darkness was the prime focus which motivated us to establish and educationals institute, as education is the only appropriate tool to meet the challanges.

With this motto we opened high schools at Virale and Yelavan Jugai and lighted the candle of knowledge in hilly, remote and undeveloped and rural region.

          As there is no institute for higher education between from Kolhapur and Ratnagiri, it was a pressing need of society to have Degree college in this region. So with this mission to take education to every doorstep of the hilly and rural community, we exteded our institute by introducing Arts & Commerce college in 1983.We named our college as Shti Shiv-Shahu Mahavidyalaya as the land of this region is sacred with the presence of the holy feet of the great Shivaji and Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj. Their existence brought reach historical heritage to Shahuwadi and Panhala talukas. These kings were radical in their ideologies and attitude.
          We strengthened our efforts, further, by providing professional Agriculture Diploma College at Sarud keeping in mind women's neglected, marginalized and deprived condition affected by tradition bound patriarchal society, we enlarged the scope of our endeavor by opening first girls high school at Sarud.
          To meet professional challenges of modern age, there is a need of short duration professional colleges. The young talent should acquire required professional training and skills. So, we have made one more endeavour by introducing D.Ed.college from this year. It will provide oppportunity to the youths of this region to have professional training in higher secondary education.
          Our institute is striving to achieve its goals as guided by its mission and tries to give quality education to the youths talent of this region.
Joint Secretary
Board of Directors
Sr.Name of the MemberDesignation
1Shri Babasaheb Y. Patil President 
2Shri Balasaheb N. Indulkar Vice President 
3Shri Chandrakumar Nalage Secretary 
4Shri Satyajeet B. Patil Joint Secretary 
5Shri Sadanand V. Nagavekar Member 
6Shri Rudrappa S. Bauchakar Member 
7Shri Yuvaraj B. Patil Member 
8Shri Ramchandra G. Pawar Member 
9Sou Anuradha B. Patil Member 
10Sou. Pritam Y. Patil Member 
11Sou. Prajakta S. Patil Member 
12Sou. Sujata S. Ingale Member 
Local Management Committee
Sr.Name of the MemberDesignation
1Shri Babasaheb Y. Patil President 
2Shri Balasaheb N. Indulkar Vice President 
3Shri Bhanudas Ramchandra Gadave  Secretary 
4Shri Satyajeet B. Patil Member  
5Shri Sadanand V. Nagavekar Member 
6Sou. Sheela Anandrap Jagtap Member 
7Shri .Shivajirao Mahadeo. Patil Member 
8Shri. Shivaji Dattu Kamble Member